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These instructions will teach you to fold two variations of Folded Paper Stars, German Stars or German Star Ornaments, Swedish Stars, Moravian Stars, Froebel's Stars, Christmas Stars, Origami Stars, Star Ornaments, Ribbon Stars, etc. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Please note: These steps are modified for the web.
My full color book has additional information for each step, as well as tips, tricks, and photographs of completed stars. I highly recommend having a copy of the book on hand for reference. There is more extensive information and the professionally printed illustrations are far clearer than anything printed from a webpage.
For photographs of the star-folding process, please visit my Danish friends at

1 Start with 4 strips approximately 20 times as long as they are wide. For example for a 1" ribbon or paper, it should be 20" long; 3" wide should be 60". Trim the ends at a slight angle, with a blunt point (a). This makes it easier to pass the strips through during construction of your star. In some illustrations, the jagged edge (b) represents longer end of strip not shown.
2 Fold strips in half and interlock as shown in Figure 1.
3 Position on flat surface with top left going up as shown and fold only ONE of top left pieces down, leaving the back piece where it is.
4 Rotate your work clockwise 90 and flip next piece down. Continue this way until all four top pieces are turned down, and on the fourth piece you will thread it over and under the previous strips.
5 Pull strips gently on all sides to tighten. Try to grasp the two pieces on right in your right hand and the two pieces on left in your left hand and tug gently. Then rotate and tighten the other 4 pieces in the same manner. After tightening and flattening, your work should look somewhat like Figure 4.
Congratulations! You have just completed the base of your first star! All stars begin with these basic steps you have just completed.
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