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Folded Paper Stars have been a tradition in many cultures. They have been called German Stars or German Star Ornaments, Swedish Stars, Moravian Stars, Froebel's Stars, Christmas Stars, Origami Stars, Star Ornaments, and more. Traditionally they were dipped in paraffin wax, sprinkled with glitter and hung on the Christmas tree.

The basic design is credited to Friedrich Froebel, who is best known for creating what we still today call kindergarten. It is no wonder children of all ages love to fold these stars. Of course, children learn this craft much faster than we adults do!

I have found the star pattern so engaging that I began making variations on the basic fold, expanding the pattern, trying various materials, and decorating them in countless ways. I see each star is an opportunity to create something new and different. If you feel the same, please send me photos of your favorites for the gallery section of this site.

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